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Greetings from the Center Director

Director, Gunma University Center for Food Science and Wellness
Ken-ichi Kasuya

Ken-ichi Kasuya

The Gunma University Center for Food Science and Wellness supports the food industry, a major industry in Gunma Prefecture, through research that contributes to the sixth sector industrialization of agricultural products, advancement of research to produce high performance foods with more added value, and research relating to the improvement of health in relation to food.

In addition, this center also aims to provide students and the general public with education in the fields of food and health, as well as train skilled practitioners and researchers in each field.

Of course, these activities cannot be done by the center alone; they also require the collaboration of people from numerous companies and administrations.

As a core education and research institution in the region, this center will work to add further value to the regional food industry by working closely together with regional industries and local governments through open innovation councils and other such frameworks.

If you are interested in adding value to the regional food industry, we welcome all forms of participation in the activities of this center.


The Gunma University Center for Food Science and Wellness is a research organization established by Gunma University on December 1, 2017 to help improve research and education at universities and social contribution activities by advancing research into food and health, and by training specialized human resources. The center also aims to collaborate with local governments and industries to promote regional industries and contribute to the improvement of social health.

Background and Initiatives

Gunma Prefecture is an active agricultural center which neighbors the major metropolitan consumption area, with the food industry in Gunma ranking second in industrial shipment value. The food industry is therefore an important industrial field for the region. Furthermore, the needs of the food industry in recent years have expanded beyond just "safe, secure, and delicious”--national health consciousness with regards to food is increasing each year, so that considerations for "health and beauty" are also expanding. This means that expectations toward initiatives for adding high value through evidence-based evaluation of food performance are also growing.

In response to these regional and social trends, this center is collaborating with local municipalities and industries to promote industry and healthy life expectancy through food by improving konjac and other foods traditionally made from agricultural products (residue) produced in the prefecture, performing evidence-based development of high performance foods using agricultural products of the prefecture, and other initiatives. We also incorporate agricultural elements in development of technological seeds and advance joint research while working to train human resources to contribute to these efforts.

Social Significance

This center returns the results of our research and open innovation based on local needs to regional industries.
In addition, we train highly skilled specialists with comprehensive science literacy who contribute to solving food and health science issues, as well as providing recurrent education as an opportunity for adults to reeducate themselves with the aim of helping solve problems faced by regional food industries.

Research Outcome Report

Click here to download the Research Outcome Report, which contains the details of the research performed by professors at this center.

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