Gunma University


Description of this Center’s Function, Research, and Education

This center creates educational and research environments through collaborative research with society (companies) and industry-academia cooperative centers for the advancement of open innovations aiming to solve problems related to food and health derived from the needs and issues of regional companies, and forms a place for people to acquire the scientific literacy and practical skills required by society.

Organization Chart Food Development Food Management Food Function Analysis Health Science

4 units installed in the center

Unit Field of Research Education Details
Health Science -Food physiology
-Nutritional guidance
Food science and wellness, including lifestyle diseases
Food Development -Food production engineering
-Food machinery engineering
-Food packaging engineering
Food production engineering used in food processing, etc.
Food Function Analysis -Food analysis
-Food rheology
Chemical substances/pathogenic microorganisms and food safety
Basic physics/chemistry of food
Food Management -Food marketing
-Food hygiene
Marketing, food product planning, etc.